Equalism: Women

I’ve squeezed a write up out of an amazing blogger ‘illustrated mind’. I think it’s a pretty great one. I sincerely do!

– Sexy is what he called her and sexy she was in his eyes,
Never mind that she had a given name 3 days after her birth,
In one moment her being as a human was reduced to a product of objectification,
It disqualified all the knowledge, passion and experience she had gained and made her nothing but ‘sexy’

“Maybe I brought it on myself, maybe this skirt is too short; sitting loosely below my knees,
Maybe my shirt is too tight, regardless of how petite my frame is, 
Heck! Maybe I’m showing too much skin…..I’m wearing thick black tights”
There is nothing more attractive than a woman with a body 6 years her junior wearing a skirt that was burnt in the 60’s with a name badge that clearly states her name (sarcasm intended)
What did she do wrong….nothing, she was just a woman
In a  hyper-sexualised world her body is put further than her mind

She is underestimated, understated and confined to the works of the kitchen 
Constantly having to prove her intellect and de-feminise herself to be seen as worthy of a conversation,
What life can she live when her image is scrutinised and altered by the media, 
A man is born with a penis and can rule the world,
A woman is taught to sit quietly and pamper his you know what,
Any bruises she receives is a right of passage and any boy she gives him is a job well done

She can’t help that her body is a wonderland but it was created to satisfy the one and only one who loves her
All she asks is that she is respected and treated fairly when all she has done is be a woman

The summary…it’s hard if you want to free yourself, it’s much easier letting
the world abuse you socially, financially and sexually….you just take it –

What strikes me the most is the simplistic depth to it. Like no matter what she’d do a woman would still be objectified/sexualised by a majority of men.

I mean I can see why men would but keep it to yourself I say. Treat them with the respect they deserve. Women objectify men too but not in a way that’s disrespectful.

There might be one more post before I go fully into this little bit.  Keep waiting readers!



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