Apple Justice; With Love From The Brits

It is with great pleasure and excitement,  gloating and pettiness that I write this relatively short piece. If you’re a regular here, you should remember my previous write-up on the ‘Samsung-Apple Patent Wars‘ (<— if not clickity-click!) on how Samsung got a bit of revenge on Apple since they lost.

Well, not to my surprise, the UK ruled in favour of Samsung on the Samsung Tab. I mean did you really expect America to rule against Apple? Apple is an American company. Americans are nothing if not patriotic and Sir Patriot demands that they protect Apple vigorously irrespective of how silly they are most times. The ruling showed that Samsung had not indeed infringed on copyright with their Galaxy Tab. Click the HERE for the whole schpill!

Remember this is a piece on me being petty. So the most amazing part of the ruling is that Apple have been forced to apologise to Samsung; a feat which proved to hard for the arrogant techies at Apple. In a statement on their website they ‘apologise’ to Samsung without really doing so. Basically saying ”Well we accept your ruling, but you’re obviously wrong’. Sounds a bit Like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory no?  As it was an unsatisfactory and poorly-written, barely noticeable they were told to amend it. To make matters worse and even more annoying, after a few days they’ve refused to do so. Thank goodness ‘Cap’n Englund‘ came around and corrected their devious ways! (see how) In a nutshell, Apple have to grovel (not really, that’s just how I imagine it) and embarrass themselves( in my opinion) the world over by advertising the apology on mainstream magazines. They did so in the issue f The Guardian and it was just lame. Barely worth it. I can’t help but feel let down by Apple really. The one thing they could have done right by me and they mess it up. (-_-) – not cool Apple, not cool.

To be honest, I’m not really surprised all that fame can get to one’s head quite easily. One day the bad Apple will fall off the tree. I just hope no one’s there to catch it.




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Judgement Day Isn’t Up To Us! Stop Dishing It Out Daily.

I took both cases from the experience of a friend and myself. Read on:

 Scene 1;

Today I saw a homeless man. He hobbled towards goodness-knows-where. I could tell he wasn’t drunk but he was tired; the sort of weariness you see on a defeated person. He looked to be in his late 40’s but I wouldn’t know. Stress and sadness ages a person.

He slowed as he walked, and bent over to pick what I assumed would be a half-finished cigarette as several littered the floor. I thought to myself “no surprise there”. He stood up and in his hand was an unfinished piece of someone else’s sandwich. It had probably been there all night. He walked past me considering his ‘meal’. Ashamed yet desperate. He walked on. Still considering as though asking himself: “Will I eat this?” I did not doubt that unless his fortune turned for the better shortly he wouldn’t be able to choose otherwise.

It occurred to me then that I was or could have been this defeated man’s good fortune. At that horribly low point of his existence. I might have offered him support. Brought him out of something. Maybe not entirely but brought him further out. I could have been his good fortune but I was rushing for an appointment and the little money I had, I couldn’t/wouldn’t find for what I dubbed ‘lack of time’. I didn’t search hard enough. I found the money later that day when I had ‘time’.

It was sad really, people arrived 20 minutes later than I had. I could have helped the man but for ‘lack of time’ I didn’t


Scene 2;

I sat down on the bus on my way to a certain destination. As usual I looked for the nearest seat with no one to bother me. I didn’t find any. So I took my place next to people I may not have cared to take notice of. They may have had their story but this isn’t about them it’s about something more important.

As I sat there listening to the cacophony in the bus I noticed, in front of me, a man and a boy child. He looked unkempt. He had what people have come to call the ‘chav’ outfit. Waterproof tracksuit top and bottom. He had a beer can in his hand. I judged him; how could someone be drinking so early in the day? Worse still; right next to his child. It seemed neither paid any attention to the other. The father spoke and the child’s mind focused everywhere but his father.

It struck me then, as I paid closer attention that the child listened to everything his father said. Asking questions about tenses and how and when to meet the bus driver. All the time all I could see was that the boy saw his father as his superman. He cuddled up to his father and told him with sincerity you cannot fake “I love you dad” and kissed him on his cheek. His father with all the love he could muster told his son “I love you too” and also kissed his son on the cheek.

There they were a man and a child who loved each other. For no other reason than they were father and son. The boy didn’t look at his father’s unkempt demeanour or at the beer in his hand. He looked at the person that man was; his father.



The point I’m trying to make is that well, as much as we take our time to try and guess (judge) people from what we see of them we really don’t know. We see this and that and we judge or are judged by people and we assume way too often these days. In my own world, I blame statistics and conformity. Numbers have a way of lying to people if they aren’t careful to look at what they mean to tell us (did anyone notice the joke there?). Conformity; well because lack of thinking for oneself and obeying the great overlord known as Society has grouped people from what used to be individuals and made them daft. This of course lets statistics do its work peacefully.

“The individual is smart, people are stupid”

– Agent K, MIB

So  when we hear or think “White people are crazy”, “African-Americans from ghettos/hoods are not to be trusted”, “iFans are brainwashed idiots who’ve lost the ability to think independently” (← OK that’s just my prejudice!) and so on and so forth. We judge and are judged because of what feels like racism but it’s even worse; Ignorance. Don’t get me wrong though…sometimes it’s true and funny.

Yes we are to be addressed as we present ourselves. People don’t have any other way of assessing others. However, there are times where we need to think a little harder. The old man is poor, and suffering for whatever reason and there I was thinking he was ‘just another one’ but I don’t know that. I assumed he was (ignorance). I thought even if I gave him the money he’d end up using it on drugs (ignorance). Even that isn’t so bad I mean to them in that what-seems-eternal darkness there happens to be a way to escape it. Even if it’s just for a moment they are allowed to escape it.

The father drinking so early in the day right in front of his son; rarely do I ever get to witness such love for not just his son, but another human being. And that’s what it is; we are all just human beings in different situations at different points in our lives. Trying in our own way to live how best we can. Life’s hard enough as it is. Do we really want unnecessary and negative prejudice in it as well?

Now I’m not saying go out of your way and believe the words of everyone without any thinking whatsoever. I never said be naïve. All I’m saying is you don’t know so at the very least  be fair.

‘Judge Not Lest Ye be Judged’ – Matthew 7: 1- 5


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Bullying Never Stops, Even at the University Level.

I cited this blogger (Ojie KING) in what turned out to be a popular post, a few weeks back (shared by someone(people) on facebook. I am grateful.  I got in touch with Ojie KING and asked if he had anything he honestly wanted to say and well he did and asked me to host this for him.

Now this doesn’t necessarily reflect all of my views on the matter but I can’t help but see a lot of sense in it. Read on;



This has been something that has been brewing in my system for quite a while. I am an international student studying in the UK and at times I look at the way that we are treated and I just can’t help but shake my head in disbelief that this is how people get treated because the only crime they committed is that they want better for themselves and decided to pack up their things and come to a another country to study.

First of all, they make sure to charge you double the fees for the same type of education that your home colleagues are receiving. I have been studying in the UK for 4 years now and till today I still cannot understand why I have to pay double for the same product that others are receiving for half the price. Take for instance, what happened to the international students at the London Metropolitan University, they were told that if they do not find another school in 60 days, then they would face deportation. Their crime; having the misfortune of attending London Metropolitan University.

I recall seeing that and feeling so bad for those students because it particularly affected the continuing students. So a question I want to ask is that someone in his third year who has already started making plans to graduate with friends is going to have his world just shattered or what of the cost of moving from one city to another or what if the fees in the other schools are higher and some cannot afford, then what happens to them? Granted, I understand that some people in some capacity might have abused the system, but that doesn’t mean that all international students should be turned into some form of modern day ‘Jesus’ to pay for all the sins of the other ones who abused the system.

The funny thing is that international students add so much value to their universities, it cannot even be stressed. I have always said that take away the Nigerians and Chinese and see how the UK universities will survive even with the so-called university fee increment. I would imagine that a country that is very much aware of a huge demand for its higher education would ensure to put incentives to make sure that this demand is kept alive and they try to at least utilize this human capital that they have trained for their benefit. Again, I was just thinking out loud…” – by Ojie KING


So there you have it; the bullies doing their job quite well. I can’t entirely blame them this time though, the university should have taken better measures to ensure that the students were all in the right. However, the bullying comes to mind when the punishment was put into place. I mean they could have warned them severely (I don’t know that they hadn’t already) rather than take such drastic actions. What were they thinking really? That it was the right move? That things weren’t already bad enough with the fee increase for both national and international students? If they had thought and acted properly it’d be a whole different situation I believe.

Although I say that I do know for a fact that internationals do use the guise of education to stay in the country remaining here indefinitely. Worst of all, some never even bother going to the institution they applied for in the first place. Add that to the hundreds of illegal immigrants who come into the country yearly and sadly then multiply that by the rising need (although misguided) to decrease the number of immigrants in the country and you have the result you see above.

All that’s left to ask now is was it a bad or good decision. In myhonestopinion; NOPE! Daftest thing I’ve seen the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) do. What was the point? As mentioned above, internationals add so much value to education here. Why would you go after them? It really was a poor decision on their part. It doesn’t help that the western universities are losing global footholds to the eastern universities. It’s been happening but this will only reduce a good revenue stream for the UK and we all know how desperately they need it. How so very desperately.

Well, that’s my £4.50 on the matter. Not much else to say dear readers. It’s a darker than usual day for the English (as if the rains weren’t enough already)



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Letter to Tim Cook; Yes! Apple, You Did it Again; You’ve Given The World A Whole Lot Of Nothing.

Dear Apple,

Just to let you know;

 “If you don’t innovate, you may survive today, but you’ll die tomorrow”

Sanjay Dalal, 

I don’t like you Apple. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I don’t like Apple. Your marketing is good but that’s it. You really don’t know how to innovate or have, along the way – a long way away – forgotten how to. Before I go into this letter true and proper, I’d like to remind you folks at Apple what innovation is;

”The introduction of new goods, new methods of production, the opening of new markets, the conquest of new sources of supply, and the carrying out of a new organization of any industry” – Joseph Schumpeter

With the revelation of the iPhone and iPad (hardly) Apple was seen as a truly innovative company. You opened a new market (sort of) competition was fierce amongst your peers and life was good for all in the land of Technology. I even ignored your price tags and let you get away Scott-free. However, with the introduction of the iPhone 5 you proved that, unsurprisingly, you really can’t do so any more. I mean you continuously and without fail, vomit the same product over and over again each time making it slimmer and lighter making me fail to see a distinguishing difference between you and a bulimic patient. Of course eventually it gets to a point where you can’t even do so anymore and you’re so skinny that you can’t function properly anymore and well…you die.

When last did you give your devoted iFans anything significantly new? (If you’re an ‘Apple-ite’ or ‘iFan’ and you’re reading this, try and be honest with yourself and Apple. When last did they give you a new toy to play with?) I can’t help but think Apple went along with a very different opinion of ‘innovation’. It’s painfully pathetic how iFans seem to think that you always give them what they want from the newer iPhone models. I said it before but they wouldn’t know the difference between the first iPhone and the next ones unless you at Apple told them what it was. Honestly these marketing people over at ‘Late Steve Jobs’ – inherited by Tim Cook – crib have successfully legalized brainwashing people. How else can you explain it? How else?! If you think I’m lying just watch this;

It’s bad isn’t it? In all this I can’t really blame just you now can I? If your fan base were smart enough (or poor enough in some cases) they’d know to demand much more from you. Sadly, they don’t or you haven’t (and I doubt you ever will) told them to do so. After all, Apple knows best and what’s Apple says, iFans listen and obey.

An interesting blog I read on creativity turf by Ojie KING called Apple a rock star. I agree!! You really are a ‘Rock Star’ company! Do what you please, screw over who you please (Think law suits) demand what you want, when you want and how you want it. True rocks stars. A few names that come to mind are Elvis Presley, Jimmy Hendrix and Johnny Ace to name but a myopic few. What have these guys got in common apart from stardom that exceeded the natural limits? Terrible endings, my dear Apple, very poor and terrible endings. Elvis Presley died from a drug over dose, Jimmy Hendrix died (or was murdered) from ‘drowning’ in wine and finally Johnny Ace shot himself in the head. You and Ace are spot on similar in that you’re committing suicide. At least Ace has the excuse of being drunk At the rate your ‘bulimia’ is progressing you don’t have much longer to live. Might I just add that bringing out the new iPod touch (or a further iPad) will not help with your disease.

I promise I’ll miss you terribly Apple for without you what’s an honest pro-innovation person like myself supposed to use as sample material of ‘‘How NOT to ‘innovate’ ‘’? There’s still time to change and become relatively useful to the world.

Yours truly,

Myhonestopinions WordPress

P.S – People are starting to catch on.


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Samsung Repays Apple Coin for Coin. Literally!

‘I believe in justice for man, in justice against evils done to man. To the ends of the earth I believe there should be justice for all. However that is still a dream, but dreams come true don’t they.”   

– Anonymous



Now if you’ve read any other of my posts you can tell that I’m no fan of Apple products. Why? Simple really, there is absolutely nothing interesting about it. Just a few snippets as to why it’s not;

Scene #1

Apple Person: ‘Better screen resolution people will say’.

Me: ‘Well you never cared before now did you.’.

Scene #2

Apple person:  ‘It’s much faster now with the new chip bla bla and bla’

Me: ‘Was the other one too slow for you in the first place?’

Scene #3

Apple person: ‘It doesn’t get virus infections J’

Me: ‘I beg to differ. It can and DID!’

The part that trips me over and over again is how so many who get an old model (well the one’s I have seen anyway) go ahead and buy the newer ones. It’s a sad thing and the cost according to this tumblr post I found was in the $1000s of dollars!

Of course people who see Apple as a some innovative geniuses aren’t wrong per se, they’re just right about the wrong thing. The marketing team at Apple indeed are GENIUSES at marketing. Take it or leave it. These marketing gurus, whoever they are, have convinced so many (I estimate 90% – fallacy of numbers!) that holding an Apple product means you’re ‘cool’ and ‘happening’. Or at the very least it’s an exclusive product (yeah, you and the other millions of owners!) which might make one’s member feel larger or for the ladies they’re front guards.

Of course to give these Apple fan boys and girls the exclusive feel. They must protect their property! I mean it’s only right yes? And so they do. Patents flying around on EVERYTHING! Here and there a patent everywhere. They sue you if you provide  the ‘look’ or ‘feel’ of using  and iPhone or iPad. Software, hardware and other petty things really. Innovation crippling petty things. I use the word innovation very loosely here as the last thing in #myhonestopinion Apple made that could be called an innovation was the iPhone. Then it took out the call and GPRS function and gave us the iPod Touch and then it took a rolling pin and gave us the iPad. It didn’t stop there though it took the same rolling pin, applied a bit more pressure and made the iPad 2! I mean come on!! Then I hear Apple-ites screaming ‘Oh my gosh! They’re innovative!’? (I’ve made them blonde in my head for convenience sake).

Anyway so they’ve been in constant patent battles for a long time with Samsung and sadly, they won. I sort of blame Samsung here though they unintelligently copied a bunch of Apple features in a lot they’re devices and even had emails discussing what and what they should copy. Not a smart move but it can’t be helped now can it? The court ordered them to pay up for damages and the total came to an overwhelming $1bn+. Cruel, just cruel. The worst isn’t necessarily over yet as if the court finds wilful infringement they are allowed to triple the damages owed to 3bn! Now that, I hope never happens. It could well harm the company quite badly.

I’m not even sure that the jury gave it due process or whatever. There’s still research to be done but here’s an extract from an interview on CNET‘s site;

“It didn’t dawn on us [that we agreed that Samsung had infringed] on the first day,” Ilagan said. “We were debating heavily, especially about the patents on bounce-back and pinch-to-zoom. Apple said they owned patents, but we were debating about the prior art [about similar technology that Samsung said existed before the iPhone debuted]. [Velvin] Hogan was jury foreman. He had experience. He owned patents himself…so he took us through his experience. After that it was easier. After we debated that first patent — what was prior art –because we had a hard time believing there was no prior art.”

“In fact we skipped that one,” Ilagan continued, “so we could go on faster. It was bogging us down.”

However the Samsung geniuses decided to get a little payback on that verdict. They found that there was no specification as to how the money was to be paid. What did they do? They paid the entire thing in ‘5 cents coins’! Do I love them for it? YES!! Was it petty of them? Yes! Does that make it any less amazing? Not in the slightest my dear readers, not in the slightest. Just imagine it, all that money in 5 cent coins. Apparently it will take trucks and TRUCKS to deliver it. I can’t even imagine the hours that will be put into it or if any banks will be willing to take the money in that form.

You reap what you sow. Apple, according to Steve Jobs, started a ‘Thermonuclear War’ on them and they’re paying them back is all; coin for coin. I can only wonder if they want to pursue the ‘wilful infringement’. If the judges and members of the jury would be so kind, don’t add a method of payment. My life would be a happier place if it went through or better yet, find someone else to screw over. Thank you.

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Fact: Men Hate Shopping (Well Most Men)…There’s A Solution! Read On.

Today’s a short one because I really don’t have the time to do more that this really. So here we go…

NOW as a man/guy/dude/bloke/whatever!, the only time we go ‘shopping’ is  for

  • video games
  • When there is INDEED an actual NEED for clothing!
  • And most important, FOOD

Any other time is really stressful, seriously stressful! You ever seen a man enjoy shopping with ‘The Wife’ or ‘His Girl’? NO! Not even when his enjoying being with her…We don’t, we’re not programmed to do so. Ever noticed that all of us look the same exact way after the first hour?…..

I seriously recommend not trying to change us. The frustration that will ensue will upset you so much you’d rather get your face chewed off or something. Then again, can you really blame us? I mean how hard can it be to maybe, just maybe get the item you came for??? Look at the picture you’ll know what I mean!


Typical shopping of the sexes

Most men just seeing that are probabbly nodding in agreement right now. However,if you’re a girl and you’re nodding right now because your lad is the one who does the ‘Women’ Section.That’s sad dude, ya needs to grow a pair! Your girl’s ovaries are larger than yours!

So anyway you get the idea of what YOU’RE like when you shop. Way too many unecessary movements. If we played Call Of Duty you’d be the character who randomly pops out everywhere and anywhere getting killed all the time. It ain’t tactical or effiecient in the least bit. It’s a waste of energy and as I said before the reason we usually do it is to please you and avoid the associated qualms involved in not doing so…..oh, and to spend time with you of course! 😀

Now men, I had an epiphany one day and figured out what one can do about all of this, easy key phrases that might ease the experience. When she says;

  1. ‘How do I look?’ – You smile, look at her and kiss her! <insert nice words here>
  2. ‘Does it fit right?’ – You smile, look her in the eye and kiss her! <insert nice words here>
  3. Any other question…you guessed it, repeat above instructions!
  4. ‘Does this make me look fat?’ – CODE RED: fake a phone call, sickness, SOMETHING!! Get the hell out of there!!!

Trust me guys it works! It really does.

On the other hand if you do like looking good but can’t be bothered with the herculean task of shopping then trust me, I’ve got a solution for you!The other day, I asked my friend to help me through the hell hole of boredom that is indeed shopping and I realised that this is indeed what I do every single time! There is usually (most of the time) a female there to help me do the shopping. I just let them do the selecting, let my brain wonder to what it usually does and I emerge with awesome clothing. The girls get the chance to shop, your mind is busy with your hand-held systems (smartphone, psp, Nintendo DS), or let your brain do all the important things it does normally (Call of Duty, sports, women, food…your pick).

And there you have it! Put this into practice and thank me later. However, on the odd chance that you’re a girl and your lad puts you through all this. My heart goes out to you, it really does. On that note, cheeriooooo!!!

P.S.-  Apparently our habits stem from way back when: (

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This One’s To The Silly ‘Brand People’….Buy Sense (If Only They Sold That)

A good day to all following this blog and a hoorah for me finally getting off my lazy bum to type it!….

Ok so I usually have no qualms about how people decide to gear up…well actually I do, else I wouldn’t be writing this now would I?  (^.^) Aaaaah brand people!! If there ever was a group of people who’d make me beat them each time I saw them it would have to be these guys and gals!! Everywhere they go; Restaurant, cafe, toilet…going number 2 in the morning (probably wipe their bums with some overly expensive branded toilet roll I bet!)

You ever seen those people (idiots) who decide that irrespective of location, time or occasion must be covered entirely in designer brands? For some reason they seem to no only attach it to their self-worth but they also seem to think that if they weren’t they would suddenly die of…of…I’m not sure what they’d die of but they would trust me. They need their brands like they need air or something. It’s a sad, sad designer-clad idiot world we live in :(…on to the main rant.

First, let’s define these brand people.

” A brand person is any individual stupid enough to assume that their social standing will improve by spending excessive amounts of money on mere cloth, accessory or shoe that adds no value to oneself ” -myhonesopinions, 2012.

The phenomenon is justified by the other idiots who appreciate the belt, not the way it looks on you, the male and female gold diggers who want to ruin you financially and let’s not forget the thieves who target you for your real or perceived wealth.

I mean what on earth were they thinking?…fortunately I interviewed some people and here’s exactly what they thought hehe..(ironic huh? because they don’t!)

Brand person #1 – ” I bought them, because I wanted them”

Brand person #2 – ” yes, because I like [the design and the brand itself] ” (at least you’re honest)

Brand person #3 – ” Because it looks good on me” ← (WOW!)

and the worst,

Brand person #4 – ”It suits my personality -calm, reserved, classy etc. (Louis Vuitton and Chanel classy huh? The research I did can assure you if you were classy you wouldn’t be at the bottom of the expensive brand people chain’)

And the list goes on! Anyway, now we’re getting an idea of how they…errrm…use their brains! ← (Hilarious!). Now the Brand Person goes on to not only purchase these overly expensive bits of  clothing, but certain digital accessories must accompany these Brands and what more than the oh so popular-for-odd-reasons iPad?! *hoooray!!*. It’s sad but when you ask them about a good tablet PC they will always, ALWAYS say Apple. However, when you ask them ‘why?’ (gets real funny here)

Apple Douche #1 – ”It’s the best in the market because everyone’s buying them”

Apple Douche #2 – ”It has amazing resolution” (how’s that make it the best?!)

Apple Douche #3 – ”It’s awesome! I can take notes, and it really helps me study!! ”

Honestly Apple Douche #3 just shocked me!! The fact that you ‘need’ to spend a minimum of £399 to study in uni is sad!! Terribly sad! Honestly if you don’t get at least 97.8% it was a very poor investment!!! Oh and for a wonderful example of how ‘Apple Fan Boys’ think please click here . If you want a good tablet PC please look at the Asus Transformer Prime (awesome name!). The new trend I’ve noticed they now buy expensive DSLR cameras. Taking photos is nice and all but here’s the catch, they have no actual talent or eye for the art of photography. Again, it makes them feel good about themselves.

The funniest part is that they assume they’re thinking for themselves, that they have their reasons, all personal and well thought out to buy these things but !seriously!. The reality is that you don’t, because if you did, you wouldn’t. Plain and simple, plain and blimey simple!

Apple products, ‘It doesn’t get viruses’ you’d say. News flash; who gets viruses these days? Unless you’re on some amazingly funny website and the Gucci and LV and Hermes and Dolce & Gabbana and so on…seriously, it’s a BELT! A BELT!!! Only idiots like yourself would attach any real worth to it. I mean honestly, do me and you a favour and think! £250+ on one item on no actual value but boosting your poor ego? Come on!

So how do you buy sense? Well first of your Papa und Mama are already doing that for mist of you, you’ve been in one school or another and the fact that you still don’t have any is sad, mayhap a better investment would be plastic surgery and diet pills?

Next (not the store), how about not, being a sheep? I’m not saying you’ll be a leader someday of something more important than a small society of people with low self-esteem, like yourself,  who are as intelligent as you are. No, no you may not rise further but maybe at least you would THINK for yourself. You know finally give you brain a bit more attention

Finally, if you, a brand person, has read all the way down here all I can say is I am all  at once, happy for your attention span, assuming you didn’t think this shed good light on brands and also pleased that you have now , hopefully gained an iota of sense and let’s face it, my man Einstein (know who that is?) would say, ”relatively that’s a lot!”

P.S – If you’re offended by this, I really don’t care oh and you might just be a brand person :p




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