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Success: You Are The Yardstick

I was going to do a post on the Equalism series I posted previously but I’m not quite done typing it ye so I decided to get this out to you instead while you waited for it (if you are of course 😀 ).

Lately I’ve been thinking, ‘What is  Success?’. What should it be to each and everyone of us and what’s our yardstick. People? Society? Peers? Friends? Parents?…You? What exactly do we use to define our success in life? It’s relative. It MUST be different for everyone right. I mean, someone has to clean the streets. The question is, was that as a product of failure or success? Either way, someone has to clean the streets.

The way I see it it’s never so simple (well most things aren’t.). I’ll use me for example. I’ve tried for a nice long while to be the best that I can be. Fallen off that wagon so many times I’m ashamed to keep counting but perseverance and anxiety keep me jumping right back on it.  I used to measure success by the achievements I got (or did not) until I found out it wasn’t for me. Yes, achieving a high grade in education is amazing and praise worthy. Yes, getting a high paying job that will sort out all your financial needs is amazing. However, it wasn’t MY measure of success. It was what society, people, friends etc. used as yardsticks.

I personally think everyone will be a bit happier, sorry much happier if they didn’t use people’s opinions as a measure of success. Look into yourselves and set the goals that push YOU and make YOU happy. I won’t say people be damned and to hell with their opinions but the ones that should matter are people who know you. They know more than others what could make you happy.

Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.

Booker T. Washington
Yeah, what he said…and a bit more. Oh and watch the video, really worth it!


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Equalism: Men


When you read that word, did you in ANY way think it meant that a woman was being sexist to a man? Hmmm? (I’d be surprised if you did)

Well I’ve been thinking a lot on the topic of feminism and how silly it’s become these days. How almost everything you do to a woman can or is considered sexist but how it  rarely, if ever, the reverse holds true in the minds of the masses. Below I present to you, a poem. Not just any poem though. A poem which I think expressed mine friend’s pent up anger and distaste towards the feminists and penis-envying women out there. Read, enjoy, I intend to get the woman’s side of things on this one

Let’s talk about equality. Let’s talk about what I’m about and what you want to be.

Let’s take time and figure out that you were never meant to be my x+y=z

You think you should…sorry…you KNOW you should but I promise,  you wish you could.

See I’m a man. I’m always horny. Ready to move to that skirt and off that skirt and into you.

I want riches more than you care for and you know what? I care very little about how I get it.

Emotions? Don’t waste my time. You never expected me to have any. Now you want me to be sensitive?  Not worth it.

Thing is, I heard you want to be like me. Really? Are you willing in times of danger to sacrifice yourself for me when with a blunt, the burglar comes into the house to steal our wealth? house? lives? I am.

Are you ready,  to go out and risk life, health and limb to protect your own? And I don’t mean just  protect I mean kill in order to protect. Destroy for that reason or in the name of it. I am.

See I heard you wanted to be a man. I don’t think you’re ready for it. Not one bit. But you’re a woman, what’s wrong with that? What’s EVER been wrong with that?

You want to be me? Lose your fortitude.  Your ability to feel, empathise and sympathise.

We don’t say it enough but we need you. I know I do. So don’t be a man. There are too many of us out there anyway. Be a woman. Be what we can’t be  and we’ll be what you can’t and one day, if we’re really lucky your x and my y….we’ll make one heck of a z!

There ya have it folks. Anger…I’d like to stress that this in no way reflects the entirety of a man’s thought pattern. Women are just as horny as men. Period. You lot just control it better and can hide it pretty well. We have a Junior to struggle with. Part 2 out soon!

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iPhone Logic – Innovation

You all know I like to let apple know just how crap they are. Horribly so, until they bring out something that looks and feels like they’ve actually spent all the money they’ve earned

Watch out for my blog post on the Samsung S4. I hope it’s worth the release I’d hate to have to start with Samsung. I’ve grown fond of them.

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May 26, 2013 · 9:18 pm

Oh Judge Koh, You Asian Wonder, Won’t You Be My Valentine?

Despite what follows in this post, it isn’t a rant on Apple, it’s a mere ‘neener neener, your the loser you wheeer!’. (<– too immature?)

Things just keep getting better and the year’s still in its first quarter. Well Apple decided to take up a ‘Wilful Infringement’ case ages ago after Samsung had somewhat unintelligently did a bit of copy cat work on Apple but thanks yo the Asian beauty that is Judge Lucy Koh Samsung will not suffer any more financial squeeze. Read it all here and make what sense you will of it. She says;

“To the extent that Apple does address lost downstream sales, Apple discusses only Samsung’s gains and makes no attempt to identify any specific losses Apple has suffered,” U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh wrote in her ruling”

This makes me happy for 2 reasons. First, Apple didn’t win. By now you must have realised my somewhat ‘unbiased’ distaste for all things of the ‘i’ category. If you haven’t please click on herehere and here (exits are to your left and at the far end of the browser). Second, it means Samsung won’t have an excuse to lay out their new line of flexible OLED screens which I’ve pissed and crapped my pants amongst other bodily fluids, in anticipation.

Also just for the hell of it watch this too;

How awesome are handheld devices about to become!? I can’t freaking wait! I really can’t! I mean all these patent wars are an honest waste of time in my opinion and that of this post. It’s diverting their creative expertise away from what’s important; creating ‘Pew-Pew’ laser pistols , or hover boards (because driving and guns are too mainstream yo).

To cut this story short, I really would like to take her out on a date and serenade her in ways the law would label ‘barely legal’. If I don’t make any post in a while…my significant other has hospitalized me.

– Myhonestopinions

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In a World Where Sin is Punishable: The Fate of Two Worlds

Hey there reader (however many you are) I’d like to take this time to apologise to you on not writing anything for a long, long time. Life has been overly busy and frankly when that stopped I decided to take an unwarranted long break. However, I’m back now and those of you wonderful people still reading this blog (or at least receiving notifications) I would like to say thank you kindly for your time – and patience. Now, let us proceed to the main gist.

The first bit is always the sweetest, the next one contains the worm' - Anonymous

‘The first bite is always the sweetest, the next one contains the worm’ – Anonymous

I’ve always wondered why First World countries had it better than the Third World countries development-wise. I mean humans are humans no matter where and it should be a normal series of events that the best is achieved over time. However I came to realise that it wasn’t so simple. Some people were greedy, they wanted their interests met and did not care for the interest of others; selfish people. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind selfishness. I am of the belief that all actions are inherently selfish and the positive effect on others, to no others detriment is what qualifies this as a selfless act, most of the time. Despite there being similar resources in the world, enough to sufficiently sort out problems for both, one prospered and the other didn’t…or refused to.

“To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions.” – Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion

First of all;

How to Train a Child

‘’As a child I heard I wasn’t very mischievous (that changed drastically when I grew up). I was a calm and loveable kid with very little care in the world, as all children are wont to be in their parent’s eyes. I remember this one time when my father returned from work and it was custom to welcome him home. I didn’t at the time as I was glued to the television screen. Johnny Bravo was on at the time and quite frankly the prospect of getting off the sofa was beyond me and besides, my dad coming home didn’t seem as important as Johnny and his escapades.

In hind sight, I really should have got off the couch, Johnny could have waited. My dad called me and asked why I hadn’t welcomed him home or at least acknowledged that he’d just come back from his journey. Now I couldn’t say ‘’Johnny was chasing a woman.’’ That would have been stupid – coupled with previous stupidity. Long story short, I got a terribly painful two-finger slap to the cheek. It hurt so bad! I cried my eyes out.

Now, 16 odd years later, every time my dad comes home, I make it my sworn duty to welcome him. Lesson learned’’


I got that story from someone I know quite personally and found it very funny.  It also might help give you an idea of what I might be talking about in this blog. Now take your time, a few seconds and picture what your parents did to you when you were a child and misbehaved (and I’m hoping they did teach you right from wrong) OK? Good. Now imagine if they rewarded that kind of behaviour instead. How would you have turned out?

Quite recently in a heated debate about the Third World – Africa mainly – I realised that there’s a reason why no matter how much money/oil/natural resources possibility of real GDP growth, Foreign Aid from Western countries and so on, most of these countries are still, for the most part, underdeveloped – by global standards – and/or highly corrupt. If anyone knows anything about economics, Third World countries, despite not being the most technologically advanced countries in the world, do not actually have to put in any real effort to meet up. They don’t need to invest in innovation or wait long years to see the fruits of their labour in any real, human-impacting research. They could literally ‘catch-up’ to more robust and developed economies and well, be as good as they are or simply be ‘the best that they can be.’ The resources are there, so is the technology. And not just in the economy, but in its legal frameworks, its healthcare system and so on. Making what I’d like to think would be a very much individualised clone of the Western or Eastern economies. It’s just a theory, true, but that’s somehow worked for some Asian and African economies (Indonesia, China, Ghana etc. ). What then makes and keeps a country as corrupt as it is? It’s simple, in my opinion, unbelievably so. It’s a beautiful thing called ‘Lack of Consequence.

I mean take time out to go to this website. A lot of the countries, despite being advanced (I use that term very loosely) are still the most corrupt according to the Corruption Perception Index. The bottom 10 or Top 10 most corrupt countries are mostly African and Asian. Despite their economic growth spurt they haven’t changed in the past decade.

I’ll use Ghana’s as an example. Despite gaining independence in 1957, the country’s continuously scored quite low in the corruption index. The results are partly, if not mostly, blamed on a Mr Kwame Nkrumah (which I think is a rather cool name) who up and became Overlord of Ghana in 1960 and thus began his legacy of corruption and coup d’états which spanned almost 2 decades.  Whatever his motivations were, they were detrimental to the country’s progress and although it took a while for anyone to do anything about it a Mr J. Rawlings finally did. Ironically, he did so with an initially failed coups d’état. His successful attempt at cleaning up the country of its deep seated corrupt ways resulted in the killing of quite a bit of the politicians and judges all under Overlord Nkrumah’s tyrannical regime.

What’s the lesson here? People will do whatever they damn well please until someone or something stops them from doing so or Newton’s First Law of Motion. The only reason Overlord Nkrumah managed to stay in power so long was because no one could make him answer to anything. Not the people, not the law, nothing! He had nothing stopping him from doing as he pleased. What does one do then? Make sure that if a president is stupid enough to think himself overlord in his country, ignoring the fact that he was voted in by the masses, that said masses will unite and pull him/her down never to rise again. Ensure that there are very serious implications for betraying the trust that people have placed in them.

I won’t say, or better yet, I can’t say that this is in and of itself the entirety of moving a nation forward, it’s a whole lot more complex than that but as in the case of Ghana it was a very large step, possibly a run forwards. However, reprimands for unlawful or unethical action towards any one nation and a smallest bit of patriotism, in my opinion, is a very necessary resource if any one nation is to advance and start becoming ‘the best that they can be’.

What’s your opinion?

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Apple Justice; With Love From The Brits

It is with great pleasure and excitement,  gloating and pettiness that I write this relatively short piece. If you’re a regular here, you should remember my previous write-up on the ‘Samsung-Apple Patent Wars‘ (<— if not clickity-click!) on how Samsung got a bit of revenge on Apple since they lost.

Well, not to my surprise, the UK ruled in favour of Samsung on the Samsung Tab. I mean did you really expect America to rule against Apple? Apple is an American company. Americans are nothing if not patriotic and Sir Patriot demands that they protect Apple vigorously irrespective of how silly they are most times. The ruling showed that Samsung had not indeed infringed on copyright with their Galaxy Tab. Click the HERE for the whole schpill!

Remember this is a piece on me being petty. So the most amazing part of the ruling is that Apple have been forced to apologise to Samsung; a feat which proved to hard for the arrogant techies at Apple. In a statement on their website they ‘apologise’ to Samsung without really doing so. Basically saying ”Well we accept your ruling, but you’re obviously wrong’. Sounds a bit Like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory no?  As it was an unsatisfactory and poorly-written, barely noticeable they were told to amend it. To make matters worse and even more annoying, after a few days they’ve refused to do so. Thank goodness ‘Cap’n Englund‘ came around and corrected their devious ways! (see how) In a nutshell, Apple have to grovel (not really, that’s just how I imagine it) and embarrass themselves( in my opinion) the world over by advertising the apology on mainstream magazines. They did so in the issue f The Guardian and it was just lame. Barely worth it. I can’t help but feel let down by Apple really. The one thing they could have done right by me and they mess it up. (-_-) – not cool Apple, not cool.

To be honest, I’m not really surprised all that fame can get to one’s head quite easily. One day the bad Apple will fall off the tree. I just hope no one’s there to catch it.



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Judgement Day Isn’t Up To Us! Stop Dishing It Out Daily.

I took both cases from the experience of a friend and myself. Read on:

 Scene 1;

Today I saw a homeless man. He hobbled towards goodness-knows-where. I could tell he wasn’t drunk but he was tired; the sort of weariness you see on a defeated person. He looked to be in his late 40’s but I wouldn’t know. Stress and sadness ages a person.

He slowed as he walked, and bent over to pick what I assumed would be a half-finished cigarette as several littered the floor. I thought to myself “no surprise there”. He stood up and in his hand was an unfinished piece of someone else’s sandwich. It had probably been there all night. He walked past me considering his ‘meal’. Ashamed yet desperate. He walked on. Still considering as though asking himself: “Will I eat this?” I did not doubt that unless his fortune turned for the better shortly he wouldn’t be able to choose otherwise.

It occurred to me then that I was or could have been this defeated man’s good fortune. At that horribly low point of his existence. I might have offered him support. Brought him out of something. Maybe not entirely but brought him further out. I could have been his good fortune but I was rushing for an appointment and the little money I had, I couldn’t/wouldn’t find for what I dubbed ‘lack of time’. I didn’t search hard enough. I found the money later that day when I had ‘time’.

It was sad really, people arrived 20 minutes later than I had. I could have helped the man but for ‘lack of time’ I didn’t


Scene 2;

I sat down on the bus on my way to a certain destination. As usual I looked for the nearest seat with no one to bother me. I didn’t find any. So I took my place next to people I may not have cared to take notice of. They may have had their story but this isn’t about them it’s about something more important.

As I sat there listening to the cacophony in the bus I noticed, in front of me, a man and a boy child. He looked unkempt. He had what people have come to call the ‘chav’ outfit. Waterproof tracksuit top and bottom. He had a beer can in his hand. I judged him; how could someone be drinking so early in the day? Worse still; right next to his child. It seemed neither paid any attention to the other. The father spoke and the child’s mind focused everywhere but his father.

It struck me then, as I paid closer attention that the child listened to everything his father said. Asking questions about tenses and how and when to meet the bus driver. All the time all I could see was that the boy saw his father as his superman. He cuddled up to his father and told him with sincerity you cannot fake “I love you dad” and kissed him on his cheek. His father with all the love he could muster told his son “I love you too” and also kissed his son on the cheek.

There they were a man and a child who loved each other. For no other reason than they were father and son. The boy didn’t look at his father’s unkempt demeanour or at the beer in his hand. He looked at the person that man was; his father.



The point I’m trying to make is that well, as much as we take our time to try and guess (judge) people from what we see of them we really don’t know. We see this and that and we judge or are judged by people and we assume way too often these days. In my own world, I blame statistics and conformity. Numbers have a way of lying to people if they aren’t careful to look at what they mean to tell us (did anyone notice the joke there?). Conformity; well because lack of thinking for oneself and obeying the great overlord known as Society has grouped people from what used to be individuals and made them daft. This of course lets statistics do its work peacefully.

“The individual is smart, people are stupid”

– Agent K, MIB

So  when we hear or think “White people are crazy”, “African-Americans from ghettos/hoods are not to be trusted”, “iFans are brainwashed idiots who’ve lost the ability to think independently” (← OK that’s just my prejudice!) and so on and so forth. We judge and are judged because of what feels like racism but it’s even worse; Ignorance. Don’t get me wrong though…sometimes it’s true and funny.

Yes we are to be addressed as we present ourselves. People don’t have any other way of assessing others. However, there are times where we need to think a little harder. The old man is poor, and suffering for whatever reason and there I was thinking he was ‘just another one’ but I don’t know that. I assumed he was (ignorance). I thought even if I gave him the money he’d end up using it on drugs (ignorance). Even that isn’t so bad I mean to them in that what-seems-eternal darkness there happens to be a way to escape it. Even if it’s just for a moment they are allowed to escape it.

The father drinking so early in the day right in front of his son; rarely do I ever get to witness such love for not just his son, but another human being. And that’s what it is; we are all just human beings in different situations at different points in our lives. Trying in our own way to live how best we can. Life’s hard enough as it is. Do we really want unnecessary and negative prejudice in it as well?

Now I’m not saying go out of your way and believe the words of everyone without any thinking whatsoever. I never said be naïve. All I’m saying is you don’t know so at the very least  be fair.

‘Judge Not Lest Ye be Judged’ – Matthew 7: 1- 5


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