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iPhone Logic – Innovation

You all know I like to let apple know just how crap they are. Horribly so, until they bring out something that looks and feels like they’ve actually spent all the money they’ve earned

Watch out for my blog post on the Samsung S4. I hope it’s worth the release I’d hate to have to start with Samsung. I’ve grown fond of them.


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May 26, 2013 · 9:18 pm

Oh Judge Koh, You Asian Wonder, Won’t You Be My Valentine?

Despite what follows in this post, it isn’t a rant on Apple, it’s a mere ‘neener neener, your the loser you wheeer!’. (<– too immature?)

Things just keep getting better and the year’s still in its first quarter. Well Apple decided to take up a ‘Wilful Infringement’ case ages ago after Samsung had somewhat unintelligently did a bit of copy cat work on Apple but thanks yo the Asian beauty that is Judge Lucy Koh Samsung will not suffer any more financial squeeze. Read it all here and make what sense you will of it. She says;

“To the extent that Apple does address lost downstream sales, Apple discusses only Samsung’s gains and makes no attempt to identify any specific losses Apple has suffered,” U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh wrote in her ruling”

This makes me happy for 2 reasons. First, Apple didn’t win. By now you must have realised my somewhat ‘unbiased’ distaste for all things of the ‘i’ category. If you haven’t please click on herehere and here (exits are to your left and at the far end of the browser). Second, it means Samsung won’t have an excuse to lay out their new line of flexible OLED screens which I’ve pissed and crapped my pants amongst other bodily fluids, in anticipation.

Also just for the hell of it watch this too;

How awesome are handheld devices about to become!? I can’t freaking wait! I really can’t! I mean all these patent wars are an honest waste of time in my opinion and that of this post. It’s diverting their creative expertise away from what’s important; creating ‘Pew-Pew’ laser pistols , or hover boards (because driving and guns are too mainstream yo).

To cut this story short, I really would like to take her out on a date and serenade her in ways the law would label ‘barely legal’. If I don’t make any post in a while…my significant other has hospitalized me.

– Myhonestopinions

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Letter to Tim Cook; Yes! Apple, You Did it Again; You’ve Given The World A Whole Lot Of Nothing.

Dear Apple,

Just to let you know;

 “If you don’t innovate, you may survive today, but you’ll die tomorrow”

Sanjay Dalal, 

I don’t like you Apple. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I don’t like Apple. Your marketing is good but that’s it. You really don’t know how to innovate or have, along the way – a long way away – forgotten how to. Before I go into this letter true and proper, I’d like to remind you folks at Apple what innovation is;

”The introduction of new goods, new methods of production, the opening of new markets, the conquest of new sources of supply, and the carrying out of a new organization of any industry” – Joseph Schumpeter

With the revelation of the iPhone and iPad (hardly) Apple was seen as a truly innovative company. You opened a new market (sort of) competition was fierce amongst your peers and life was good for all in the land of Technology. I even ignored your price tags and let you get away Scott-free. However, with the introduction of the iPhone 5 you proved that, unsurprisingly, you really can’t do so any more. I mean you continuously and without fail, vomit the same product over and over again each time making it slimmer and lighter making me fail to see a distinguishing difference between you and a bulimic patient. Of course eventually it gets to a point where you can’t even do so anymore and you’re so skinny that you can’t function properly anymore and well…you die.

When last did you give your devoted iFans anything significantly new? (If you’re an ‘Apple-ite’ or ‘iFan’ and you’re reading this, try and be honest with yourself and Apple. When last did they give you a new toy to play with?) I can’t help but think Apple went along with a very different opinion of ‘innovation’. It’s painfully pathetic how iFans seem to think that you always give them what they want from the newer iPhone models. I said it before but they wouldn’t know the difference between the first iPhone and the next ones unless you at Apple told them what it was. Honestly these marketing people over at ‘Late Steve Jobs’ – inherited by Tim Cook – crib have successfully legalized brainwashing people. How else can you explain it? How else?! If you think I’m lying just watch this;

It’s bad isn’t it? In all this I can’t really blame just you now can I? If your fan base were smart enough (or poor enough in some cases) they’d know to demand much more from you. Sadly, they don’t or you haven’t (and I doubt you ever will) told them to do so. After all, Apple knows best and what’s Apple says, iFans listen and obey.

An interesting blog I read on creativity turf by Ojie KING called Apple a rock star. I agree!! You really are a ‘Rock Star’ company! Do what you please, screw over who you please (Think law suits) demand what you want, when you want and how you want it. True rocks stars. A few names that come to mind are Elvis Presley, Jimmy Hendrix and Johnny Ace to name but a myopic few. What have these guys got in common apart from stardom that exceeded the natural limits? Terrible endings, my dear Apple, very poor and terrible endings. Elvis Presley died from a drug over dose, Jimmy Hendrix died (or was murdered) from ‘drowning’ in wine and finally Johnny Ace shot himself in the head. You and Ace are spot on similar in that you’re committing suicide. At least Ace has the excuse of being drunk At the rate your ‘bulimia’ is progressing you don’t have much longer to live. Might I just add that bringing out the new iPod touch (or a further iPad) will not help with your disease.

I promise I’ll miss you terribly Apple for without you what’s an honest pro-innovation person like myself supposed to use as sample material of ‘‘How NOT to ‘innovate’ ‘’? There’s still time to change and become relatively useful to the world.

Yours truly,

Myhonestopinions WordPress

P.S – People are starting to catch on.


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Samsung Repays Apple Coin for Coin. Literally!

‘I believe in justice for man, in justice against evils done to man. To the ends of the earth I believe there should be justice for all. However that is still a dream, but dreams come true don’t they.”   

– Anonymous



Now if you’ve read any other of my posts you can tell that I’m no fan of Apple products. Why? Simple really, there is absolutely nothing interesting about it. Just a few snippets as to why it’s not;

Scene #1

Apple Person: ‘Better screen resolution people will say’.

Me: ‘Well you never cared before now did you.’.

Scene #2

Apple person:  ‘It’s much faster now with the new chip bla bla and bla’

Me: ‘Was the other one too slow for you in the first place?’

Scene #3

Apple person: ‘It doesn’t get virus infections J’

Me: ‘I beg to differ. It can and DID!’

The part that trips me over and over again is how so many who get an old model (well the one’s I have seen anyway) go ahead and buy the newer ones. It’s a sad thing and the cost according to this tumblr post I found was in the $1000s of dollars!

Of course people who see Apple as a some innovative geniuses aren’t wrong per se, they’re just right about the wrong thing. The marketing team at Apple indeed are GENIUSES at marketing. Take it or leave it. These marketing gurus, whoever they are, have convinced so many (I estimate 90% – fallacy of numbers!) that holding an Apple product means you’re ‘cool’ and ‘happening’. Or at the very least it’s an exclusive product (yeah, you and the other millions of owners!) which might make one’s member feel larger or for the ladies they’re front guards.

Of course to give these Apple fan boys and girls the exclusive feel. They must protect their property! I mean it’s only right yes? And so they do. Patents flying around on EVERYTHING! Here and there a patent everywhere. They sue you if you provide  the ‘look’ or ‘feel’ of using  and iPhone or iPad. Software, hardware and other petty things really. Innovation crippling petty things. I use the word innovation very loosely here as the last thing in #myhonestopinion Apple made that could be called an innovation was the iPhone. Then it took out the call and GPRS function and gave us the iPod Touch and then it took a rolling pin and gave us the iPad. It didn’t stop there though it took the same rolling pin, applied a bit more pressure and made the iPad 2! I mean come on!! Then I hear Apple-ites screaming ‘Oh my gosh! They’re innovative!’? (I’ve made them blonde in my head for convenience sake).

Anyway so they’ve been in constant patent battles for a long time with Samsung and sadly, they won. I sort of blame Samsung here though they unintelligently copied a bunch of Apple features in a lot they’re devices and even had emails discussing what and what they should copy. Not a smart move but it can’t be helped now can it? The court ordered them to pay up for damages and the total came to an overwhelming $1bn+. Cruel, just cruel. The worst isn’t necessarily over yet as if the court finds wilful infringement they are allowed to triple the damages owed to 3bn! Now that, I hope never happens. It could well harm the company quite badly.

I’m not even sure that the jury gave it due process or whatever. There’s still research to be done but here’s an extract from an interview on CNET‘s site;

“It didn’t dawn on us [that we agreed that Samsung had infringed] on the first day,” Ilagan said. “We were debating heavily, especially about the patents on bounce-back and pinch-to-zoom. Apple said they owned patents, but we were debating about the prior art [about similar technology that Samsung said existed before the iPhone debuted]. [Velvin] Hogan was jury foreman. He had experience. He owned patents himself…so he took us through his experience. After that it was easier. After we debated that first patent — what was prior art –because we had a hard time believing there was no prior art.”

“In fact we skipped that one,” Ilagan continued, “so we could go on faster. It was bogging us down.”

However the Samsung geniuses decided to get a little payback on that verdict. They found that there was no specification as to how the money was to be paid. What did they do? They paid the entire thing in ‘5 cents coins’! Do I love them for it? YES!! Was it petty of them? Yes! Does that make it any less amazing? Not in the slightest my dear readers, not in the slightest. Just imagine it, all that money in 5 cent coins. Apparently it will take trucks and TRUCKS to deliver it. I can’t even imagine the hours that will be put into it or if any banks will be willing to take the money in that form.

You reap what you sow. Apple, according to Steve Jobs, started a ‘Thermonuclear War’ on them and they’re paying them back is all; coin for coin. I can only wonder if they want to pursue the ‘wilful infringement’. If the judges and members of the jury would be so kind, don’t add a method of payment. My life would be a happier place if it went through or better yet, find someone else to screw over. Thank you.

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